Best Home WIFI

Benefits of Having a Home Wi-Fi System


Technology is making lives easier in so many ways. What people might have thought was impossible just some years back is today very much possible. If you do not already have a home Wi-Fi system installed at your place, here are a few  things you could be missing.


Connecting to Your Desktop via Your Smartphone

Are you into technology so much, that you are continually thinking of ways to turn your android into a windows operated phone? There is great news for you. It is possible to turn your phone and simulate your windows computer. In fact, you can do much more than just that. You can get access to your documents movies and everything on the PC by simply connecting the two devices to a similar wireless network.


Turning Your Phone into a Remote

This is definitely as cool as it sounds! When you have so many computers around the home, why not make it possible to operate them right from your mobile phone. With your wireless network, this is very possible. Yes! It is now possible to control your appliances, and even your other computers remotely via your home Wi-F connection by synchronizing your phone to the same connection.


Watching and Streaming Videos from the Web

When you subscribe to an excellent electronics and wifi package, you do not need to buy any more data bundles. Pay as you go services are not always the best, especially for internet. However, with a Wi-Fi package, you can stream and watch as many movies on the web without having to worry about the bill. The best part is you can do this on all your devices, not just the mobile ones.


Accessing the Internet from Any Room

Wireless internet connection is excellent; not just because you get to stream movies, but also because various people can connect to the same network and use the internet for multiple purposes while in different parts of the house. This is not just convenient; it helps you save time, money and stress from many quarrels over who is using the computer next.  For more facts about wifi, visit this website at


Sharing Files Easily

Finally, when you have a wireless connection, sharing files with nearby devices becomes quite simple. You can do this without having to use a USB memory stick. The best part is once your devices have been tethered, you can reach into any of the electronics and wifi devices you want, browse the file manager or storage, pick, and transfer the file you need to the machine you want.